G+S. Reception.

April 11, 2015

The moment I stepped on the venue I knew it was going to be a very memorable night! Beautiful decor, amazing people and a perfect couple. Fog added magical mysticism to the mood. Great memories!


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just FAB

There’s emotion is ur photography..

u r best (Y)


couldn’t ask for more, magnificent job

Siraaa.. Endd kertaaaaaaaaaa g

awesomesttttttttttt!!!! loveliesttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r the gugu-esttttttttttttttt 🙂 <3

Awesome pics…..u r a magician have the power not only to capture the pictures but to capture the beautiful moments of life.these moments will always make them remember that how cherubic and special they are….god bles u … Rabb chardi kala ch rkhe…

Deep Inder Singh Sandhu

If someone knows how to imprint awesome memories to be looked back upon and cherished for life..ITS YOU MY FRIEND..

Grewal Gurkirat Singh


Jagroop Singh Khalsa

Super like

Jagroop Singh Khalsa

HBS photography

Gursharanjit Singh

Siraaa.. Endd.. Like always 🙂