Towards Light – Satwant Singh & Navkiran’s Pre-wed Shoot Enamor It was pretty cold when we reached at the location site. Our shoot started with myself spotting Navkiran getting cozy in Satwant's blazer :D As soon as I pointed the camera towards them, they immediat... Nitleen – Love at every sight. Pre-wedding in Ludhiana and Chandigarh Enamor Nitish and Harleen. If you ever spend one hour with these people, mere mention of their names will bring back thousand beautiful stories to your memory. There is such magic in their presence, for thei... Wah Taj – Timeless Romantic Escape.. Enamor Mamdeep and I, planned a surprise shoot for Kanwal. Virk was filling in shoes of an assistant and my 'oh-my-god-i-am-so-hungry-that-i-am-going-to-die-soul-brother'. She landed in India on June 21st. W... RomalKamal – Vintage Romantic Escapes Enamor     NavSuh – The Golden Hour Enamor It was a golden evening with two golden souls . So what is the outcome supposed to be? :) Magic! <3   ArshNirmal – Goan Fun Enamor Last year I shot this beautiful post-wed shoot in Goa. We explored the city and spent last few minutes  of the day on the beach. Starting this post shoot with behind-the-scenes first :D   Li... Our Princess Bride – A Punjabi wedding in Ludhiana. Brides *Flashback Dec 2015* Mr. Cheema and then-Mrs. Cheema-to-be exchange a gaze at gurdwara sahib during their ring ceremony and instant cute smiles on both sides appear. The Photographer (Me, ofcourse) no... PreetMan – Punjabi Wedding in Ludhiana Brides Shot in beautiful village Narangwal and Rara Sahib (District Ludhiana) area, this wedding is very special to me. I was so happy to see old architect of the house preserved. I just love old building... PrabhReeti – Engagement Party in Ludhiana Pre-wed Ceremonies Photo essay for PrabhReeti's engagement party .. :)   Japji & Tiny’s fairytale – An Enamor Session Brides Charm around this couple is amazing! Shot in Chandigarh and Ludhiana, I tried to capture essence of beautiful love vibe and shyness of this amazing couple. <3 :)