Udit+Allanya: Hindu Wedding Brides Udit+Allanya : Sangeet Pre Wedding Ceremonies ... Udit + Allanya : Catholic Wedding Brides ... Gotta Catch Amol : Stephanie + Amol . Wedding at The Line DC Hotel, Washington DC Brides     Gurshawn+Ishita : Reception Party. A Sikh Wedding in Virginia & Maryland Brides Gurshawn+Ishita : A Sikh Wedding in Virginia & Maryland Brides We were absolutely spellbound by the energy during the entire ceremony. Gurshawn and Ishita's wedding will surely go down in our memories as one of the most fun weddings we have ever captured. Funnies... Gurshawn + Ishita : Mehndi & Sangeet . A Sikh Wedding in Virginia & Marryland Brides 'Mehndi' is an Indian bride's pre-wedding ceremony where Henna is applied to her hands and feet in beautiful designs by Henna artists, alongwith other females in the home. Ishita had a beautiful decor... 3 Straight A’s! . Annie, Akshay and Astro by GaganHarnav in UK Enamor This has been a miracle shoot for us. Gagan and I, were talking about adopting a Shitzu , as we are beginning our life together in new place now and I got an email right after that conversation. It wa... Alexa said yes!! – David & Alexa Enamor David called us up to hatch a wonderful secret plan. He was to propose to Alexa. Our contact person was Jen, David's sister, who reached at the venue 40 mins before the couple and along with two other... SukhDarshan Singh & GaganDeep Kaur Brides SukhDarshan's Wedding is one of the most memorable wedding of my life. Not only because SukhDarshan is a dear friend, but because it was ultimate test of my mettle and commitment as well. Some weird p...