Wah Taj – Timeless Romantic Escape.. Enamor Mamdeep and I, planned a surprise shoot for Kanwal. Virk was filling in shoes of an assistant and my 'oh-my-god-i-am-so-hungry-that-i-am-going-to-die-soul-brother'. She landed in India on June 21st. W... RomalKamal – Vintage Romantic Escapes Enamor     NavSuh – The Golden Hour Enamor It was a golden evening with two golden souls . So what is the outcome supposed to be? :) Magic! <3   ArshNirmal – Goan Fun Enamor Last year I shot this beautiful post-wed shoot in Goa. We explored the city and spent last few minutes  of the day on the beach. Starting this post shoot with behind-the-scenes first :D   Li... Our Princess Bride – A Punjabi wedding in Ludhiana. Brides *Flashback Dec 2015* Mr. Cheema and then-Mrs. Cheema-to-be exchange a gaze at gurdwara sahib during their ring ceremony and instant cute smiles on both sides appear. The Photographer (Me, ofcourse) no... PreetMan – Punjabi Wedding in Ludhiana Brides Shot in beautiful village Narangwal and Rara Sahib (District Ludhiana) area, this wedding is very special to me. I was so happy to see old architect of the house preserved. I just love old building... PrabhReeti – Engagement Party in Ludhiana Pre-wed Ceremonies Photo essay for PrabhReeti's engagement party .. :)   Japji & Tiny’s fairytale – An Enamor Session Brides Charm around this couple is amazing! Shot in Chandigarh and Ludhiana, I tried to capture essence of beautiful love vibe and shyness of this amazing couple. <3 :)   2 Tigers – ੨ ਸ਼ੇਰ Non Commercial This series is from a small 2 hour shoot I did with Goldy Singh and Iqwinder Singh. Both are amazing gym trainers and recently took amrit and wanted me to shoot with them.   This series was sho... Happily Ever Laughter – Engagement Ceremony in Ludhiana. Uncategorized Hands down, I have never seen a bride happier than Navdeep. She has this beautiful aura which lightens up the whole atmosphere around her. Her fiance compliments her so well. Photo story with lots of ...